Water Buffalo Mozarella in Thailand

First of all, the water buffalo needed for buffalo mozarella is not the standard Thai / Southeast asian water buffalo. Rather, the Italian water buffalo (which is also originally the Murrah buffalo from India) are the milk-producing breed needed.

In Thailand it is nearly impossible to get in-country buffalo mozarella. All versions in stores is cows' milk, not water buffalo milk. There is one exception which is the Murrah Farm in Chachoengsao, Thailand.


Some Resources on Water Buffalo Mozarella

Water buffalo milk has 11 percent higher protein than cow’s milk, as well as 9 percent more calcium and 37 percent more iron. Water buffalo milk is also lower in cholesterol.

Steps in Producing Buffalo Mozarella

  • Establish herd of the proper water buffalo breed (see Murrah Farm in Chachoengsao).
  • Get kitchen equipment set up
  • Begin milking and producing buffalo mozarella cheese
  • Perfect over time until salable product
  • Distribute locally and via EMS

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