Nutrient Density – Nutrient Dense Food

Nutrient-dense food, or nutrient density of food is a measurement of a particular food (not a measurement of one sample of food vs. another). The main concept is that nutrient-dense food is opposed to energy-dense food. However, measurement of nutrient density can be very misleading, as energy-dense food would get a low rating, and even food with a good profile in micro-nutrient density could score low on such a scale, if it also had high energy density. Foods with low energy density might score high even if the micronutrient profile was weak.

  • The Smiling Gardener uses the term nutrient-dense food in a fraudulent way, since any such food measured is similar to the same food in terms of nutrient-density, regardless of how it is grown (organically or otherwise, though some fertilizers may have a negative effect on nutrients).